Saturday, February 5, 2011

Go Ahead Bite the Lemon...

It is a new year and it is time for a new blog. I have decided for once in my life to start something and actually finish it. Yes I am one of those who has all these great life changing ideas, and a week later I forget about it and move on as if nothing happened. Well today is a day for change, circa Julie Powell I am writing a new food blog entitled Biting the Lemon. My aim is to share my culinary exploits as I use my loving husband as a guinea pig for my imagination.

I might not be a restaurant chef, though I am not completely hopeless. In fact I had two of the best teachers out there. My Ouma taught me how to bake anything from sponge cake to chocolate souffle. She was my saviour and introduction into the culinary world. My mom taught me the basics of cooking and left me to my own devices. She still feeds my cookbook addiction.

I love food, I enjoy cooking, and I am not afraid to try.

 I want people to learn to love cooking as much as I do. Even in this busy world, it is still possible to serve a proper meal without the assistance of pre-made junk. Everyone seems too afraid to even try a new recipe now-a-days. So I offer a solution to all of you; I will do the trial and error, you reap the benefits. I will work out the kinks and try to give you foolproof and delicious meals.

So go ahead,whoever you might be, and Bite the Lemon.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words over Chef's Dennis blog :) Yeah when one grows up with Nans or parents caring to teach us how to cook from scratch and appreaciate the whole cooking thing we are richer like that :)